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At MONNI we believe in love and connection for ourselves, others, and the world around us.  

Love is able to transcend everything and anything.

We are all a connection and extension of each other — you, I, and the world around us. We are not separate.

This is why it is paramount that we preserve our planet through sustainable practices for a sustainable future. 

We create from a place of the purest intention.

MONNI pieces are timeless, elegant and beautifully designed. They invite you to feel the energy, to feel amazing, to feel empowered, to feel sexy, while making a difference.

For us, clothing is much more than what you wear. It's another way to connect with self and Mother Nature. 

When you choose to invest in products from MONNI, you choose to invest in a better you and a better world.  

You are inherently beautiful. 

Moni x





Summer 2017 MONNI fashion show in Matakana at Brick and Vines. We chose models of all ages from youthful teens to fabulous 60 year olds to showcase the versatility of MONNI garments. In particular how our garments can be loosly layered on woman of all ages providing comfort, function and style whilst empowering woman to feel connected to their true self and the world around them.  

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