Why I use fabrics that other designers throw away.

In the delicate balance of life, every action has an effect. When I created MONNI, I wanted to build a label that didn’t take from this world. I wanted it to be so much more than a fashion house or clothing company. I wanted it to become a platform I could use to educate people about their choices.

At MONNI, we stand for conscious consumerism. For us, this means knowing where our products come from, how they are made, and how they will go back into the world from whence they came.

It’s a well known fact that that the fashion industry is the world’s second-most polluting industry, behind only fossil fuel energy production in its inefficiency.

To counter this trend, I use designer “ends,” or fabric scraps left over from mass-produced runs, and Ahimsa silk. Also known as peace silk, Ahimsa silk is woven from cocoons collected empty from the forest, meaning that no silkworms are harmed in its making.


To colour our sustainable textiles, we collaborate with eco-artisans who work solely with natural dyes. Based in New Zealand, these craftspeople treat their wastewater to the highest standard.


We also source our merino and wool from local farms, and have the raw product spun into yarn in New Zealand. Once spun, our wool is knitted into winter layers by local makers.

I work with beautiful tailors, pattern makers and sewers to bring my drawings, designs and dreams to life, all so that you can feel loved, beautiful, and empowered to make a conscious decision about how you choose to dress.

Clothed in these garments, I hope that you will feel more able to care for the planet, and in turn, each other.


Love Moni,



monique jansen